Washi 和紙 is a traditional Japanese paper yarn. Our Washi is made by using local tree fibers, it is processed by hand and made in traditional manner during cold winter times as cold pure water is essential to the production to inhibit bacteria and keep the fibers contract. Washi, as a Japanese craft, has a long beautiful history in Japanese culture and has been used for many years for clothes, household goods, even ritual objects for Shinto priests and for the beautiful Shoji sliding paper doors which for ages keep houses warm in winter and cool in hot humid summer.  All KANACODE washi products are made with 100% washi yarn for the maximum possible experience.

Why washi is so amazing and is our all-time favorite and most popular fiber:

It is extremely durable. Washi 和紙 fabric is 6 times more durable than cotton so you can enjoy it for many years. Washi is a great anti-pilling material and no matter how many times you wear these socks, you will not end up with lint. 

It has the ultimate gentle texture. Our fine gauge washi knitting clothes will feel just like another gentle layer of comfort on your skin.

It is temperature-regulating and breathable.  All our Washi socks and Washi knitwear have thermal insulating properties to keep your feet cool and dry in summer and their air pockets will keep your feet warm in winter. 

It is odor resistant and antibacterial. Our Washi is 1.3 times more moisture and water-absorbent than the cotton fabric. Its moister absorbent properties prevent bacterial growth and deodorizing effects naturally come into play.

It is Hypoallergenic and chemical-free. All our Washi socks and knitwear use 100% washi yarn without chemicals, making our products safe for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

It is easy to care. It is washing machine safe and wrinkle-resistant. We always recommend washing cold in the washing machine for less footprint in the environment too.

It is 99% UV cut resistant. Washi naturally has a UV protective property.

It's organic, renewable, sustainable and biodegradable. Washi fiber is a highly biodegradable and environmentally friendly product that returns back to the earth where it belongs.