Legal Statement

Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Japanese Luxury Fashion Label & Production: KANACODE Co.,Ltd. (カナコデ株式会社)
Global Distributor: KANACODE Pte, Ltd.
Representative: カナリス
Address: 7-chōme-22-17 Nishigotanda Shinagawa City, Tōkyo
Contact Information:
Please direct all inquiries to the above mentioned e-mail addresses. 
Price of Merchandise: The price is indicated for each individual piece of merchandise and is non-inclusive of sales tax.
Additional Fees/Shipping Fees :
Basic Postal: US$4.00-US$6.00 N/A 
Trackable Postal Shipping US$7.00-US$25.00
DHL Express Shipping US$20.00-US$40.00
* Shipping for merchandise purchases of total more than US$100.00 (tax inclusive) will be free of shipping fees.
* Delivery of merchandises will be dispatched from Japan or Singapore depending on stock availability and destination.
Any import duties, customs fees, and taxes that may apply to the shipment are to be paid at the time of delivery by the customer.
Delivery time of goods:
Usually delivered 2-9 days after order.* If orders are concentrated, or if there are consecutive holidays on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, or our holidays, it may take longer than usual for delivery when there is a large amount of shipment or other work by manufacturers or suppliers, or before or after that. It may take some time.
Method of Payment:
Credit card payment, and PAYPAL can be used for payment.
For more detailed information please refer to the Terms of Use.
Shipping of Merchandise:
Delivery of Merchandise under Services is only available within Japan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, USA.
Cancellation, Return and Replacement:
We do not accept any return or exchange of Merchandise. However if the Merchandise has some serious defect, or the purchaser receives a wrong product, KANACODE  will accept a return or exchange of the Merchandise in accordance with this provision. The purchaser shall contact KANACODE  within 7 days after the product arrives by sending an e-mail with his/her entry confirmation number to Following receipt of such e-mail KANACODE will begin return or exchange procedures. In the event a merchandise exchange is possible, KANACODE will be responsible for the return shipping costs and re-shipping costs of the appropriate merchandise. However, if merchandise exchange is not possible, a full refund of payment will be made. Please be aware that if the purchaser does not contact KANACODE by e-mail within 7 days  regardless of whether the package is sealed and unopened, a return or exchange will not be accepted.
Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases: Products that have passed 8 days or more after their arrival. Products used once by customers. Opened packaging or not in original form. Products damaged or stained by customers. Products processed and repaired by customers. When accessories such as product boxes, tags, instructions, etc. are soiled, damaged or lost.
All products handled in our online shop have cleared the quality standards of the manufacturer and are also products that have met the inspection standards of domestic regular distributors. 
Please note, our products' special feature is that are made with natural material and handcrafted techniques by selected Japanese manufactures and artisans with the highest and finest standards of craftsmanship. This makes each KANACODE product unique. Any irregularities in the knitting, size, look or color that may be noticeable, are not considered imperfection as they are a natural feature and part of the product’s unique character and hand made quality, understanding that they are good products, so we can not accept returns or exchanges due to them. Please note. For more detailed information please refer to the Terms of Use.
Cancellation Policy:
Please be aware that once a purchase agreement has been enacted, KANACODE will not accept any cancellations of the purchase for any reasons whatsoever.
Operating Environment:
PC - Internet Explorer , latest version
- Firefox , latest version
- Chrome, latest version
- Apple iPhone , latest version
- Android , latest version
- Apple ipad , latest version
- Tablet Android , latest version
Difference between screen display and actual product:
Regarding the color and texture of the products that are posted, the color of the actual product may differ slightly from the color you see on the screen depending on the monitor environment used and the OS and browser version You.