ウール WOOL

Our New Zealand Merino wool socks and knitwear are perfect for all year round offering a cozy and soft sensation and at the same time will keep you warm in wintertime and dry during humid warm summer temperatures.

Why our merino wool is considered the best fiber and the best choice:

It is temperature-regulating and breathable. Wool is traditionally the perfect fiber for all year round. In warm days will keep you cool and dry by keeping moisture away from your skin so you can feel cooler. In cold winter days, wool provides great insulation by condensing moisture and air inside the fiber which turn into heat for your body.

It is luxuriously soft. Merino wool is finer than other wool fiber and gives the best feel for next to skin clothing. Wool fibers are so soft against your skin can make the best garment for every day, traveling or just relaxing home.

It is machine washable and wrinkle-resistant. Our New Zealand Merino wool fiber has enough natural elasticity to allow retain its shape. Of course, for many reasons, we always recommend washing cold in the washing machine on a delicate or wool cycle with similar fabrics and colors.

It is stylish and timeless. Our unique designs and styles will add character to your lifestyle and can be worn on any occasion. 

It is Hypoallergenic and chemical-free. It can act as a second skin for people with sensitive and dry skin and even allergy sufferers. It is recommended for people with diabetes.

It is organic, renewable, sustainable and biodegradable. Merino farmers raise their sheep in a natural way under the New Zealand sun. Our Merino wool socks and knitwear will last for many years and will not harm the planet.

It is UV resistant. Merino wool absorbs UV rays keeping them away from your skin. Perfect for summer when UV is at its highest.

It is odor resistant and antibacterial. It can also go longer between washes and during humid warm days, our merino wool knitwear will keep you fresh all day long.

It is naturally elastic. It can stretch and retain its natural shape for the ultimate comfort and flexibility making it the best fiber for any lifestyle and activity.

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